• Nothing comes close to Glenvale Villas. We’re so happy here and, to be honest, should have moved sooner.

    Betty and Alan

Come and see how our difference makes all the difference.

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About Glenvale Villas

Glenvale Villas Supported Living is a vibrant masterplanned community providing a new lifestyle of care and support without the loss of independence.

We are extremely proud that our refreshing new alternative to aged care in Australia has been an overwhelming success, with residents and their families having "total peace of mind."

As a FutureCare community, we have always focussed on what our residents can do, instead of what they can't. Our goal is to provide a foundation of non-invasive care and support so residents can live with as much independence, privacy and dignity as possible. And our resident surveys acknowledge what the industry has also acknowledged - Glenvale Villas is the best supported living community in Queensland.


Preventing malnutrition in our older Australians


Eating well is vital for everyone at all ages. Proper daily nutrition can help you stay healthy, independent, and look and feel good for all of the many years to come.  Unfortunately, nutrition is one of the first things to be compromised as we age. Older individuals have very distinctive nutritional needs and at Glenvale Villas, we focus on nutrition and a well-balanced, healthy diet as being key to a healthy lifestyle. Read More >

Why stimulating the brain keeps the mind young


Can your job prepare your brain to stay dynamic into old age? Are your daily activities and interactions with others keeping your mind young?  Once upon a time people looked forward to retirement and resting the brain from all that stress of thinking. But now we are starting to understand that retiring your brain might be the worst thing you can do. ‘Use it or lose it’ just got serious. New studies suggest keeping the brain occupied also keeps it healthy, and the more complex the task the better. It’s something we build into our programmes at Glenvale Villas. Read More >